Different Types of Fishing Rigs

Did you plan to know different types of fishing rigs to have a better fishing experience? If yes, then this point makes sense because it is essential to know the best-suited fishing rig for every environment. You must know the compatibility before you plan a fishing trip as a beginner or fishing rig for lake fishing.

Every rig is unique and has its purpose. Some rigs got various names. Moreover, other rigs are effective for particular species. These rigs are famously known as the catfish rigs, bass rigs or, flounder rigs.

Read on to know different types of fishing rigs to enjoy a fishing experience both in salty water and fresh water.

The importance of fishing rigs in fishing

You can experience a different effect when you opt for the method with the attachment of sinkers, bait, and hooks because the bait completely merges in water. However, fishing rigs offer an entirely upgraded and finer fishing experience.

It may be possible that you do everything right, get the right bait, of perfect color, at the correct location, yet every effort goes in vain. However, you can mark a difference in the fishing world with your few aspects. You can change the position of your bait or lure and its movement in the water to create a noticeable difference in your fishing experience.

Undoubtedly, fishing rigs are essential for your fishing because you need to have control over it in the same manner you have control over your bait on the boat or the bank.

What are the different types of fishing rigs?

Below is a list of the most common fishing rigs to ease and make a memorable fishing experience.

Carolina rig

Do you want to know the reason behind it being the best fishing rig? It is merely the way it leads to the free movement of the bait in the water. The bait gets the natural movement with the Carolina when it is in the water. As a result, Carolina appears to be more obvious to the fish. Anglers find it to be a successful choice because it is a perfect choice to target any kind of fish. Carolina rig has good working with live bait. However, live bait can replicate well with soft plastic.

Three-Way Swivel Rig

If you wish to catch bottom-feed fishes like catfish, the fishers and anglers will find a three-way swivel rig to be perfect for fishing down the bottom. It has an easy setup of the rig and turns out to be easier for users. The bait has a natural flow in the water and appears to be more obvious to the bottom-fed fish.

Texas Rig

This rig is perfect to use when you want to use plastic (soft) worms. Anglers simply love it. Texas rig is very effective, easy, simple and quick. Catching a small mouth or big mouth bass with a Texas rig is an easy task. Being one of the most common fishing rigs, you can fish easily with this setup in all kinds of cover, shallow or deep. With its easy-going presentation, it works equally well for all times, whether spring or fall.

Umbrella Rig

Being highly effective, this rig remains banned in many fishing tournaments to maintain and ensure fair competition. Be a smart worker instead of a hard worker with the selection of umbrella rigs to use different kinds of lures to check the best available option.

Bobber Rig

After going through foolproof rigs, we move to this simple combination of hook, sinker, and bobber. You must consider the fish type, bait type, and depth for fishing with a bobber rig. Being one of the most common fishing rigs, anglers find it simply loves to learn fishing with it. Undoubtedly, it remains an effective choice because you only have to keep an eye on the bobber that bounces when fishes bite it. You don’t need to depend upon knowing the fish biting by sensing its line. Set your hook once fishes take your bait after the bobber completely submerges.

Split Shot Rig

It is a famous rig for live bait. It works perfectly and is equally good for different kinds of cut and live baits. Anglers use soft plastic bait with this simple rig. So, it remains a treat for beginners to fish as well.

Drop Shot Rig

If you find an area difficult for your maneuver to lure through, this rig remains a wonderful and effective choice. Drop shot Rig earned its name due to it.

Drift Fishing Rig

If you wish to experience drift fishing with the movement of your boat due to wind and currents, this rig lets you fish in various habitats. Natural baits are ideal for freshwater rigs. However, drift fishing with artificial flies, lures, and jigs works equally well and gives good results. Drift fish at any time on any stream, river, pond, or lake with the drift fishing rig. Count it as one of the best basic freshwater fishing rigs.

How To Choose Fishing Rigs for Fishing?

There are a plethora of fishing rigs in the market, so you need a wise and careful selection. You must consider the below-mentioned factors to choose among different types of rigs.

Fishing Line

Fishing with baits or lures turns out to be ideal because strong hook-setting strength and extremely high sensitivity are the features of braid lines. Moreover, when fishes nibble the baits, monofilament is a smart choice because it stretches a bit and has less sensitivity.

Fishing gears sizing

Don’t choose any one size for all reels and rods. Fishing gear must be the appropriate size for your desired fish. Get the right gear that matches your targeted species sizes.

Some Quick Tips for Beginner Anglers Regarding Fishing Rigs

Get ready with some fishing tips for beginners that anglers must keep in mind and know. Experience the trolling triumph by casting more and more fishes. All you need to do is focus on the below-mentioned tips for the best fishing rigs for beginners.

1.       Bait Colors

The water and lure’s colour must be the same. After All, it is hard to know the exact lure preference of the fishes on any particular day. Try on different colours before you start catching. Look for chartreuse or lime colour in greenish water. Pearl or white colour lure will be the perfect pick in the sparkling water. However, root beer remains favorable for tannin-stained water.

2.     Lures’ sizes and shapes

Quarry strongly focuses on the prevailing bait’s size and shapes, ignoring other distracting offers. Ensure to focus on the length and profile.

3.      Best timing for Fishing

either plan to fish early or late. Fish species best bite at dusk or dawn in the sunlight environment. Cloud cover can offer a better fishing experience and shady areas during direct sunlight. It is because fishes seek shady places to avoid sunlight and remain active in the cool times.

4.    Sharp hooks

Plan to sharpen hooks if old or use new ones. Don’t count it as common sense or a minor issue if you wish to get many fishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common fishing rig and why?

One of the most common and highly preferred fishing rigs is the Fishfinder fishing rig. It is commonly used for salty water anglers. It is also extremely popular among freshwater anglers. This is perfectly fine for the working of capturing live bait as well as a lot of divergent artificial lures. It is extremely liked by both fishermen as well as civilians due to its easy mechanism and efficient working. It has a basic manual that is generally understood by everybody and so it is preferred over the other fishing rigs.

How to rig a fishing line?

1.       The first step to do is to tie your fishing hook onto the fishing line with the help of an advanced clinch knot

2.       Next place a bobber onto the line at the exact height as the water allows you to make longer casts.

3.       After following the first two steps you now need to snap a single or double divided shot sinker with the measurements of 2 to 3 inches over the hook.

4.       Lastly bait the fishing hook with the most suitable type of bait keeping in mind the fish that you are supposed to catch.

Is a freshwater fishing rig different from saltwater?

The major difference between the two types of rig is that saltwater fishing rig is rigs made for saltwater with material that is corrosion resistant. it is anodized to resist corrosion. Yes, you may use a saltwater rig for freshwater as well but you must wash and rinse the rig properly before using especially after all the saltwater fishing hunts. This is the only major difference between the two and this is the distinguishing feature between them.

What is the best fishing rig for bottom fishing?

The best fishing rig for bottom fishing is believed to be the sliding sinker rig which is also called the Carolina rig. It is genuinely believed to be one of the most effective and efficient fishing rigs used for bottom fishing. It comprises a basic barrel swivel joined to an individual leader as well as a sinker a bead and a hook attached at the end.

How do you set up a fishing rig?

Begin your fishing rig setup by grabbing a reel and rod, different types of hooks, swivels, and sinkers, with an extra line. You can create the above rigs by attaching the terminal tackle with the help of fishing knots. Normal fishing knots such as uni knots or the better Click knot will work equally well for it.


In a nutshell, you know the different types and most common fishing rigs at your end. Every type is unique in its type and good for particular fish. So, you need to choose wisely for a better shopping experience. The article discusses all the best rigs for fishing, their importance in your fishing experience, and some factors to consider while buying the fishing rigs. Moreover, you must know the tips to be a pro from a beginner’s ankle and step up your fishing time with a beginner fishing rig even. Don’t miss out on the frequently asked questions to lessen your confusion.