What is the Best time of day for fishing

Dusk is the best time for fishing
If there are no big fluctuations in temperature and air pressure, most fish get really active and thirsty at dusk. Whether they are peaceful or predatory fish, nocturnal or diurnal, they all feed at dusk before darkness falls or the sun rises.

As a transitional period between day and night, dusk is very popular underwater. While peaceful fish, for example, awaken from their slumber with the first rays of sunlight and become hungry, predators take advantage of the propitious hour by approaching their prey in foggy light. In the evening the game is repeated in the same way.

What is the Best time of day for fishing


Finding the best time to fish – the search for the holy grail?

Agree that if you can’t swing a rod 24 hours a day, you take your chances whenever it appears. Or not! I, for one, am a genetic seven-times sleeper, and I don’t enjoy spending the morning hours away from my fishing events at all. In Tolkien’s Middle-earth, I’d probably be known as “The Lord of the Eye-Rings”.

Of course, the best time to fish from a fish perspective requires a completely different perspective. And now it gets really interesting – it’s about the external factors that influence! The best time to fish – morning, noon or evening – depends largely on the time of year, the weather, the temperatures and the water. All of this combines with the question of the best time to fish, and here my answer is, “It depends.” 😁

Fish bite better in the morning when fishing – the club legend
I’d like to start this report with the most popular time of the day to fish – the lovely morning hours! There’s nothing more beautiful than the tap of a woodpecker on the trunk of a huge oak tree, or the phenomenal mist that rolls across the meadows in the morning. It’s obvious – I can’t see my posture at 10 yards, and the dog has already disappeared from sight on one line. Do fish bite best in the morning? No!

Why should chub, pike, pike, carp or tench be restricted to this time of day? A quick snack before the start of the work shift on edge 7? I always throw this question in the room when the sadists want to have a public fishery at 05.00. The result – arguments get out of hand. The result is that the argument gets very sweaty!

What time of day is best for fishing?

What is the Best time of day for fishing

Best time?

The fish are cold blooded and therefore sensitive to temperature changes. In order to understand what time of day is best for fishing, we need to look at how water temperature changes during different seasons and within a day.


In winter, low temperatures and a general lack of food lead to a sharp decrease in fish activity. Freshwater fish reduce their activity so drastically that it even affects their metabolism. Catching fish in the winter is far from impossible, but you have to hit the right time for the fish to strike.

There is usually no fishing in the mornings during the winter. The water is still cold from the long nights, and the sun hasn’t been up long enough. By midday and early afternoon, the water warms up and the fish are ready to bite.


Like bears after their winter hibernation, fish come out of winter with a bear’s appetite. In addition, many species are preparing to spawn, so you can expect lots of activity. However, you need to plan your trip properly – spring fishing is sometimes a variable success!

Mornings are usually quite cold. Better wait to cast your rod later in the day. Late afternoon to dusk is usually the best time to fish in the spring. Insects are plentiful, especially late in the season, and no fish can ignore them.


Fish are more active when it’s warm, but that doesn’t mean they’ll jump furiously on your hook when the temperature is above 30 degrees. They don’t like the heat any more than we do. Still, there are times when the fish will actually line up in front of your bait like you’re handing out free beer on May 1.

A summer morning is an excellent time to cast your line. Make sure you start fishing early as the water can warm up quickly. Around noon, when the sun is at its strongest, the fish retreat to deeper layers of water to cool off. When dawn comes, however, you can try again.