Night Fishing For Trout

Can you imagine beautiful native bush, crystal clear lakes, rivers, and streams, with abundant, large trout so plentiful swimming just around you that you desperately desire to catch them? Trout fishing has become a popular sport in America, people always plan trips to lakes where trout’s are present in big schools. They usually live in … Read more

How to Attach a Weight to a Fishing Line

Going to a lake or stream and having a fishing session can be fun. But going home without a fish isn’t. What most people especially beginner anglers or occasional ones don’t realize is that the bait is so away from the fishes. Yes, the fishes lie below in the water while your bait is above … Read more

What can you do with old fishing rods?

Fishing rods usually last for decades but having a variety of fishing gear in your collection is not uncommon. Fishing enthusiasts or anglers have a huge load of fishing rods and other stuff which might be causing their storage space to feel small. With some special moments attached and each piece valuable in its own … Read more

What are Fishing Waders?

Fishing can be more fun when you get completely indulged in the experience. Many occasional anglers or competitive fishermen go into the streams, river banks, or lakes to catch fish. Although getting into the water in just shorts or simple trousers is okay, for longer intervals of time this can get super uncomfortable. So, why … Read more

Types of fishing worms that actually catch fish

When it comes to versatility, there can be around 3000 varieties of bait. There are several categories, and each has several species that can be targeted. So, how do you decide between these types? First, determine the species you’re targeting. After then it comes down to what bait you’re using and how you present that … Read more

What Are Different Types of Fishing Hats?

Does the sunlight block your view while fishing? When it comes to fishing, people don’t count fishing hats as an essential component. However, experiencing fishing for once changes their opinion and compels them to choose the Best Fishing Hat. Enjoying fishing as a hobby is good but make sure you are aware of the threats … Read more

Different Types of Fishing Rigs

Did you plan to know different types of fishing rigs to have a better fishing experience? If yes, then this point makes sense because it is essential to know the best-suited fishing rig for every environment. You must know the compatibility before you plan a fishing trip as a beginner or fishing rig for lake … Read more

Different Types of Fishing Reels for Fresh and Saltwater

Introduction Fishing is a fantastic hobby for many adults as well as kids. But for good fishing, one should know how to use a fishing rod and reels. Different types of fishing reels are available for freshwater, saltwater, and surf fishing. To always get your lure, you should know which type of fishing reel is … Read more

Different Types of Fishing Lures

Want to get into the fishing groove? Enter into this exciting hunting game. Challenge your friends and make headway to victory. So, now let’s hit the ground running and commence this ultimate fishing lure guide for you all. Fishing lures are fictitious objects, quite similar to a live baitfish. Artificial bait intends to make a … Read more

What Are The Different Types Of Fishing Swivels?

Don’t want to miss a catch? It’s quite frustrating when you are traveling for angling and while fishing you are stuck in eliminating the jumbled snarls of the line. Try on the best type of fishing swivel and find the best match. Fishing Swivels are minuscule devices that consist of dual circular rings connected to … Read more