What can you do with old fishing rods?

Fishing rods usually last for decades but having a variety of fishing gear in your collection is not uncommon. Fishing enthusiasts or anglers have a huge load of fishing rods and other stuff which might be causing their storage space to feel small.

With some special moments attached and each piece valuable in its own way, it is hard for them to declutter or throw away their fishing gears.

So what can be done?

Here is a solution!

 For fishing lovers or occasional anglers who have either a broken rod or an out-of-function one, we have brought some amazing ideas to recycle them.

Top 5 Fishing Rod Recycling Ideas to consider

If your rod is just broken a bit you can first try to fix it for usage because fishing rods specially branded ones are quite expensive. If it is not possible to repair them then instead of throwing them in junk here is how you can make them useful:

1.       Use it for Décor

A great idea to revamp your fishing gear is to use it for decorating your shed, garage, or lounge. You can paint your fishing rods with metallic polish to give them a vintage look and hang it on the wall.

Use it for Décor

 Another cool idea is to use the fishing rods as hangers for wireless bulbs, with letters of your name, or for hanging different stuffed toys to give your kids’ room a baby shark-themed décor. A common décor idea is to hang two rods as swords on the wall or use the fishing line to hang the name of their child over the crib.

Apart from these, you can use your fishing rods as décor in your home as you like!

2.      For Gardening or as a plow reflector

Another brilliant use of your fishing rod is to use it for gardening. With fabric, you can tie them up to your plants that need support to grow upwards. If you require longer support you can use two rods and stick them up to make a tall support beam.

In addition to that fishing rods can double as plow reflectors on your lawn so that in snowy seasons when the lawn is not visible you can still avoid any damage to the lawn or save it from snow blows while playing.

To make a plow reflector from your fishing rod completely wrap it with reflective tape, also sharpening the end with a blade or knife, and fixing it on the ground. This reflector is lightweight and won’t hurt anybody if they bump into it.

3.      Fixing other fishing rods

In some cases, there might be a chance that the fishing rod is not completely damaged or out of use. Sometimes the line is broken or the eye guides are or the cork handle is cracked etc. So if repairing the current one is not possible then you can break the rod into separate parts and sell these spare parts online or keep them for future use in case of any emergencies.

Fixing other fishing rods

If you have multiple rods then you can use spare parts from different rods and combine them to make your own DIY fishing rod and feel accomplished like a master technician. Spare parts of some old rods are great as vintage collectibles and you can easily make some extra bucks out of your junk.

4.     Make it a line stringer

Putting a new fishing line on a reel is quite a task and you can ease it by using a broken fishing rod as a line stringer.

Sounds dumb right?

Well, experiment with it yourself and you would know. If you use a shorter rod as a line stringer, it can be done quickly and that too in tight quarters than a regular rod.

So you can keep your broken fishing rod as a line stringer in your fishing kit and put a new line on the reel more conveniently and speedily.

5.      Making models or shelter camps

You can also use your fishing rids for science projects, or building models, or use them to make a shelter or cloth camp in your backyard for children to play. The lightweight fishing rods can make excellent interior support structures for building models like prototype houses, planes, or other 3D models.

The eye guides and strings can be used to hang different elements in a science model, like if you want to display the solar system so you can hang planets and sun from the top or for holding up model spacecraft etc.

For playing you can tie up three rods like a triangle then put a cover or sheet over them and place them on the ground and your tent or shelter camp is ready.

Moreover, these rods can come in handy for homeless people to have a shade over their heads in summers or freezing winters so you can donate them too.

Frequently Asked Question

1.       Is it possible to refurbish an old fishing rod?

 Yes, you can definitely refurbish an old fishing rod if it’s slightly damaged or is just jammed due to moisture or infrequent use. You can contact any fishing rod repairer or clean and repair it yourself.

Many stores are selling and buying refurbished fishing rods from where you can get an idea. You can also try it yourself by

  • Clean the rod thoroughly
  • Check each part for dents, cracks, or jams
  • Replace any broken part with spare parts
  • Apply epoxy and polish it to give it a fresh look.

2.      What’s the best use of a broken fishing rod?

The best use for a broken rod is to either use it for plant support in the garden or use it as a line stringer while fishing because a broken rod might not be great as a decorative piece and you won’t be able to hang something over it.

3.      How can I protect my fishing rod to last longer?

To protect your fishing rod so that it lasts longer follow these simple tips:

  • Always clean the rods thoroughly after fishing
  • Make sure to polish or lubricate them regularly so that they won’tcorrode
  • Use fishing rock, socks, or case to store the rod and avoid any dents or breakage
  • Keep it in a dry place and make sure to dry the rod completely before storing them


Parting ways with a fishing rod that you have used for years is hard. But shrinking space and loads of junk to clear may perhaps force you to give them away. If you want to keep your beloved rods with you and make them useful then follow some of the above hacks.

This way you can still cherish your memories and they won’t keep lying in the store room useless.

Hopefully, you find this piece of information helpful and can make use of your old fishing rods instead of throwing them away in the trash.

Happy recycling!