How Long to Wait to Put Fish in Tank After Conditioner?

When we do a water change, we usually use tap water. But tap water is not always good for the fish in the aquarium, so we need to use distilled water instead. Chlorine is an effective disinfectant, but it is toxic to fish in high concentrations. Even low concentrations of chlorine can damage the gills … Read more

How to Prevent Your Fishing Line From Coming Off the Reel

Fishing is a popular pastime for many people, but it can be frustrating if your fishing line keeps coming off the reel. There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening, and in this blog post we’ll explore some of them. First, we’ll look at the importance of having a tight … Read more

Different Types of Fishing Sinkers

Planning to go for a fishing weekend? Get into this insight and reach out to the best fishing sinkers to turn your fishing into an extraordinary experience of fun and excitement. A fishing sinker is an angle acting as a synergy with a fishing hook or lure. This mainly enhances its sinking capacity, anchorage, and … Read more

What is fishing leader? Why to use it?

We get asked a lot about “What is a Fishing Leader” and why is it used. What cases do we really need one and in which cases do they don’t need one. Let’s start by covering that in this article so we can just jump right into it. A leader is basically the line in … Read more

How Do Crappie Reproduce?

One of the things that many people worry about is the rate at which fish reproduce. After all, we anglers like to catch and eat fish, too, but we certainly don’t want an area to be overfished. Overpopulation can also be a problem for those of us who own our own ponds. How fast do … Read more

What is the Best time of day for fishing

Dusk is the best time for fishingIf there are no big fluctuations in temperature and air pressure, most fish get really active and thirsty at dusk. Whether they are peaceful or predatory fish, nocturnal or diurnal, they all feed at dusk before darkness falls or the sun rises. As a transitional period between day and … Read more

Can Fish Swim Backwards?

Yes, most bony fish and some cartilaginous fish can swim backwards. But how do they do it? Fins are crucial for locomotion and change of direction in fish. The movement of the fins is done with the help of muscles. A fish has a total of 5 types of fins which have different functions. The … Read more

What are the different types of fishing line?

Fishing line is a type of cord that is used for fishing. It is typically made from nylon, polyethylene, or other synthetic materials. Fishing line varies in diameter, strength, and length, and it can be used for different types of fishing. Fishing line is a term used to describe the type of fishing equipment that … Read more

How to fix a fishing reel that won’t lock

How often do you go out fishing? If you’re anything like me, you probably spend hours every weekend catching fish. And if you’ve ever had trouble locking your reels, then you know how frustrating it can be. Fishing has always been a favorite hobby of mine. I love being outdoors, especially during summertime. There’s nothing … Read more

Light VS Ultralight fishing rod For Trout

Trout fishing should be done with rod and reel combinations that range from light to ultra-light. Depending on your fishing style, determining which one you use can vary. Here, I’ll go through the main reasons why you might choose one over the other, and the factors that are most likely more important. Should you use … Read more