What is an Inshore Spinning Rod? Things You Don’t Know

Inshore spinning is a type of fishing where you only go fishing in the water that is just 30 meters deep at maximum. Also, this type of fishing is suitable for all kinds of fishermen ranging from your kid to a professional angler. This fishing type is usually available the whole year while there may be a subtle change in the aquatic habitat but still, you will be able to find trout, snooks, tarpons, etc.

The type of inshore fishing rod can be determined easily after you decide the target size of the fish you are going to catch. Just to simplify things in this matter, fishermen have divided their setups in two. One setup is light and the other one is heavier.

What is an Inshore Spinning Rod

This is to decide which one they should use when they want to catch a big-sized fish and when to use the other one if just targeting a small fish. But this is not the only way they should be deciding their rods. We have to dig deeper into this to understand it further.

Light Inshore Spinning Rod

Light inshore spinning rods are used to target the smaller species such as trout, pompano, smaller redfish, and Flounder. These light inshore rods are usually about 6.5 to 7 feet long containing the ratings of medium light and medium power. Their tip is a fast action tip with the ratings of 6 to 12 lb. of test line sizes.

We can say looking at these specifications of such rods that they are light rods with fast action to help the angler make an easy long whip cast with minor baits. Mostly, the shallow saltwater lakes require a long-distance throw into the water because, in such lesser deep areas, the fish can be very spooky and sneak out of your range.

You may want to throw the lures far away to not give them out to the fish. And to do this, you may need to have a fast action lightweight tip of the spinning rods that offer good power in the medium-light to medium range.

Heavy Inshore Spinning Rod

Heavy inshore spinning rods are rated good for catching the large redfish, tarpons, and Cobia. These are usually 7 to 7.5 feet long and you can even catch sharks with them. Their power is rated as medium to medium-heavy because they can make catching tripletail very easy.

Also, at 12-20 lb. of line sizes, they are the best of all because they still have the fast action tip with this much weight of line sizes. You may have now guessed that the rod power should be heavy if an angler wants to catch a larger fish.

These heavier power rods offset their weight by having this very fast action tip that helps them to throw the bait at a longer distance. Casting at a longer distance is very important in shallow water lakes because otherwise, you may scare the fish and not let it be your hunt.

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Final verdict

Fishing rods are of different types containing different characteristics regarding the techniques and designs. They provide you with ease of fishing and are a lot more helpful for you rather than the old sticks used for fishing.

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